The Team

About the project team

Having partners from Spain, Italy and Liechtenstein ensures that three different institutional systems are represented within the project. The people involved have a significant track record in the field of sustainability and sustainable development goals, sustainable economic principles, socially responsible finance, financial products development and related subjects, as well as multi-year experience with online learning.

Project partners were chosen with the aim of covering all aspects that are important for the topic (sustainability, finance, optimizing financial claims). Regarding impact investment, financial markets differ across Europe.

The partnership was established on the basis of research collaboration and institutional contacts between all key people involved. We got the understanding, that we want to develop IOs supporting a faster transformation of financial markets. 

Partner Universities


The University of Liechtenstein is a leading university in the international Lake Constance region. It is a place for personal development, interaction as well as critical and creative thought, and a hub of innovation for shaping the future. It has an excellent reputation and an outstanding network of contacts. Education and research meet the highest international standards. The University of Liechtenstein is defined by entrepreneurial leadership applied to all levels and areas.


Founded along the lines of the British Open University, the UNED is now the main Spanish institution for distance and blended learning. UNED has as its main goal to provide quality higher and continuing education opportunities to all through a distance education system. UNED statutes set out explicitly commitments such as “services to society”, especially in situations that could prevent certain people from getting access to higher education courses.


Committed to the importance of the internationalization of education and training, to the expertise and know-how sharing, to the collaboration in institutional and capacity building, Sapienza University is engaged, since a long time, in an extensive range of international cooperation projects and actions with almost every geographical area of the world: from Asia to the Balkans, from Australia to the Middle East, from America to the ACP countries.


Unitelma Sapienza is a young online Italian University directly linked to the largest Italian public University, Sapienza University of Rome. It offers outstanding taught courses and carries out high-quality scientific research in most disciplines, achieving impressive results both on a national and international level.