Partner Contacts

University of Liechtenstein

Prof. Dr. Marco J. Menichetti

Marco, heading the Chair in Banking and Financial Management, is working on sustainability in finance for a while, starting with renewable energy finance projects within the framework of "Erasmus Intensive Programs" in 2012. Initiating research on socially responsible finance in these years, the Chair in Banking and Financial management has been active in several research projects.
His  team will guide IO2 with the topic "Socially Responsible Investments - Understanding the Relevance for the Future", focusing graduate students in Finance.

University of Rome "La Sapienza"

Prof. Dr. Mario La Torre

Mario is professor in finance and perfectly integrated in the European community of sustainable finance. Strong research record, publisher and adviser for the Italian government as well as for financial institutions.

He will guide IO3 “Approaches to free Impact Investing from the underpart”, addressing financial market participants and making them more familiar with impact investing.

UNED University

Prof. Dr. Marta de la Cuesta

Marta teaches at UNED undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programs in matters related to the financial system, sustainable finance and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Marta with her team research in these topics published in top Journals. She has been working for a long time in sustainable finance advising public and private institutions in Spain. Marta will guide IO1 on “Sustainable Society, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Role of Sustainable Investing”, preparing a general body of thinking for the European Citizens. She has also led several Massive Open Courses on CSR and socially responsible investments. 

University Unitelma Sapienza

Prof. Dr. Roberto Pasca di Magliano

Roberto, Professor in Economics, director of the Laboratory for the Innovative Financing Support to Micro Projects. He is a well known author and has been economic adviser of the Italian Government. 

General Request on Project

Jennifer Schein, MSc 

Research Assistant and PhD Candidate

Address: University of Liechtenstein, Fürst-Franz-Josef Strasse, 9490 Vaduz, FL

Phone: +423 265 13 51