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From ESG Integration to Impact Investing

The earliest understanding of "sustainable" was the use of natural resources without negatively harming the life of future generations. Step by step this was enriched by social issues, reduction of unequal wealth distribution worldwide, and governance issues guaranteeing rights and influence of different stakeholder groups.

Especially in the last years, when Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have been proclaimed by the United Nations, poverty and worldwide economic development received more attention. Our project is dedicated to the question, how to use the beneficial of capital markets in order to finance socially responsible projects. Socially responsible investments nowadays could be realized by choosing specific investment strategies like exclusions, engagement and voting, ESG integration, norms-based screening, best-in-class, sustainability themed, and impact investing.



This unique project will profit from sustainable dissemination activities and from an actively formed network of participating organizations.

All created courses will be uploaded to freely available platforms and offered to interested universities, thus people have free access after having finished the project. Partner universities will use research findings for their own programs in the field of consecutive (BSc, MSc) or continuing education.

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