Intellectual Output

Course 1



The Role of Socially Responsible Investments

in achieving Sustainable Development Goals  


The first output will be a Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) to increase sustainable financial education and literacy among the European citizens. The course content will focus on the role of sustainable investing in addressing SDG. The framework for a Sustainable Society and their goals as well as fundamental concepts of Sustainable Investing will be described, and interdependencies will be illustrated.
After completing the course, participants will have a solid understanding of the connections between the goal of transformation to a sustainable society, fulfilment of the United Nation’s SDGs, and the different strategies and approaches of Sustainable Investing.

Course 2 



Socially Responsible Investments –

Understanding the Relevance for our Future



This course is designed for use in tertiary education, especially for students in finance. Compared to the first online course (O1), this course is focusing more on SRI or sustainable finance, at the level of advanced Bachelor’s and Master’s students.

After completion of this course participants will have gained deeper insights into sustainable finance. In addition, they will understand the risk-adjusted performance, and they will know the financial instruments for use in sustainable investing - thus - they understand the specific importance of some sustainable investing approaches as well as niche position of other approaches.

Course 3



Approaches to free Impact investing from the Underpart



The third online course will encompass many different types of media, thus we call it an online guide. This guide will target potential investors (both retail and private investors, as well as asset management companies, banks, pension funds and other institutional investors) interested in impact and ESG investments. This guide aims to provide potential investors a tool to improve their expertise on impact and sustainable investments.

After completing the course, participants will have a clear understanding on the main drivers in impact and ESG investment decisions.